La Macchina Bellica

A Queer Wartime Romance/Drama

Dear Friends and Readers,

January 1, 2015 marks the 7th anniversary of La Macchina Bellica. To date, I've completed 8 chapters (almost 300 pages of content), and have plans to continue the story through its conclusion at 24 chapters (I've scripted it at 23 chapters, but I'm giving myself an extra chapter for artistic leeway :P).

As you can see, I've pulled down all the old Macchina pages. When I finished rewriting the script a few months ago, I decided to re-text and clean up the entirety of the previous chapters, to align with the future vision I created for Macchina in the updated script. Once this is complete, Macchina will be re- released in web format (hopefully with a snazzy new website), and I will be launching a Kickstarter or Indiegogo to fund printing of a new edition, which will combine all the existing chapters (1-8) into one book.

(NOTE: If you already own Volume 1, I do have a few Volume 2's left on my Storenvy, which contain mostly updated text and the color pages for Chapter 7, which will be converted to black and white for the new version. The old editions WILL NOT BE REPRINTED)


Chapter 9: Housewarming has been thumbnailed in its entirety, and I will be drawing the physical pages the latter half of this year, using the left-hand pencils, right-hand inks method I've successfully tested to spread the workload. I had many physical challenges with my drawing arm in 2014, beginning with a stress injury in March and culminating in ulnar nerve release surgery on New Years Eve. For this reason and for the sake of my sanity, I will no longer be updating new chapters of Macchina as a "webcomic", with a regular release schedule, but instead will be posting pages in large batches.

Also, I will likely be launching a Patreon towards the Fall/Winter, to assist in defraying the costs of creating Macchina, where Patrons will get sneak peeks of works in progress, and access to pages as they are completed instead of the batch updates. I've also negotiated a rate for a COLORIST, so if you folks are interested in seeing future Macchina chapters in color, stay tuned for that Patreon (unless the first KS is overfunded) or as a separate Kickstarter or Indiegogo.


Paid work has really picked up since the middle of last year, and I have comics coming out this year in several anthologies and sites!

A 3 page story in Love in All its Forms, an anthology about growing up queer, which will be launching a Kickstarter in February.

A new chapter of Nights in Amore (Arilla, Chapter 2 of 5) , for the adult comics website Filthy Figments. I hope to release a new story for Nights in Amore every quarter, and will be putting together a perfect bind full-color compilation book once the story is completed, for release Spring 2016.

MARCH 2015:
The release of my Slipshine artist showcase: Dome 8. A 16 page comic featuring a 30-something intersex protagonist, who moves to the Mars Colony to take over their mother's import shop.

A 16 page collaborative comic with my buddy Em for Beyond, a queer sci-fi anthology. Our story, S.H.I.P.S., is a STRETCH GOAL for the Kickstarter! All the art's been completed – and if Beyond doesn't hit the stretch goal needed for our story, we intend to release it ourselves :>

SUMMER 2015:
A 25 page story, "Clutch," for the Smut Peddler full-color themed anthology My Monster Boyfriend, Kickstarting in the summer as part of the Smut Peddler Double Header! It's a cute tale of an older trans* woman hunter falling in love with a handsome harpy lad. There is a lot of smooching.

Thank you, to everyone who has supported and encouraged me. I look forward to making great comics this year, and beyond.


January 2015